Monday, November 30, 2009

[ 30112009 12.02pm | SMM 2009 ]

i am actually uploading SMM pics very early!!
SMM 09 was held at A'Famosa Resort in Melaka, Malaysia, and MANY MANY international teams came down for it - china sent 3-4 teams, including last year's champs EHOME, Philippines sent Mineski, Denmark send MYM (woot woot), and Canada sent Pokeridols.
i look terrible in many of the pics... ( i have yet to perfect the "take self pic" positioning) but what the heck. it was a GOOD trip, and i want to share the joy with you all!
and i just wanna tell our sponsors and supporters : 
PMS|Asterisk* loves YOU!

me + cyn at the dining area at Afamosa cowboy town.

this was during the blackout - on friday. i managed to sneak a pic of the XtC boys having fun with each other
cyn's ever-ready to be snapped.

thats Ant. he's posing.

thats Ant again. he's not posing.

me + shawn ho, local MYM rep.

EHOME's manager Penny + me.
he likes to make funny faces and he's quite zi lian! lol... =x

me + CBing

the SMM stage + audience area

close up of the smm stage backdrop. love the pictures... was the old dota load screen.
you can also see the medals on the left, and the large orc hammer on the right.

kimchi + me at the competition area. thats the backdrop - all the SMM08 pictures on the walls

on the banana truck to the cowboy town from our d'savoy condo.
DANGEROUS MAN! the driver goes over the humps at full speed. thats another block of units behind me.

sGty-FTD's 2009 and SMMm's TT Lim at the dining area
- photo taken by Penny!

team MYM + dawn and i.
Angel, Mania, Kuroky, Pusher, Myself, Miggel, Dawn.

kura + me.

oh yes.... do take a look at the video of PMS|Asterisk* vs MYM on
and here are the pics taken by mym's rep Danny89 during the blackout.
its quite funny, because everything's dark, you cannot really aim your camera lens.
so we're off-centre in alot of the pics. but its cute!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

林宥嘉 - 背影(鬥牛要不要插曲)自製MV



Friday, November 20, 2009

[ 20112009 2.47pm | a reply ]

Anonymous Dylan said...
You're right. You are not young anymore. You say u are a gamer. u play professionally but when u strip it all down, what are u? The answer=nothing. Why are u so proud of that fact that u guys have fans in thailand when the only reason they are so entranced by u girls are because you wear skirts. They don't even care whether you're good or not, because u guys arent. What's so great about being a professional gamer who doesnt achieve anything? At least your teammates like dawn are already working and married or have kids and a family to raise. I think you should rethink your life. THere's not point in applying so much makeup and attracting 18 year old boys :) Grow up.
12:16 AM
i felt that this comment warranted a stand alone post to reply it. simply because i do feel that Dylan has valid points.
so, this is what i want to say to him.
Thanks for your concern. this is indeed something i've been giving thought to. i wouldn't say i'm unaccomplished, and i'm curious to know why you seem to think that i don't work.
i have a stable job (which i've held for over 2 years) and a degree to back me up.
i admit that i do not have a family and kids to raise, but that doesnt necessarily mean that those who are raising kids or married are achieving anything special. in fact, they could well be more discontented than i am. also, not everyone's aim in life is to get married and have kids, even though it might be yours, or what you perceive as "right" for me.
i did think about female professional gaming and my conclusion is here :
having fans, for whatever reason, is not something EVERYONE can lay claim to, and it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling to know we're well received - by most -  and i have reason to believe that its not just cos we wear skirts.
also, wearing make up, to girls, is much like styling hair to guys. we/i can't help it if i happen to look pretty young to boot and attract the "wrong" demographic.
that said, i do feel that i'm lacking some things in my life, i am taking steps towards improvement (which, i do not have to share on my public blog)
once again, thank you for your comment.

as an aside, dawn pasted me this link about herbivore guys. i think its worth a read - not all men/people have the same outlook and goals in life.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

[ 17112009 5.18pm | decidedlybraindead ]

full day of meetings, a short breather as i wait.
feeling decidedly dark, mildly suicidal and very bm.
save yourselves and stay away from me....

Monday, November 09, 2009

The Cranberries - Dreams

the song, as promised. dead froggies!

Sunday, November 08, 2009

[ 08112009 1.18pm | hurt ]

Well. If you give your heart to someone, its expected, inevitable that it will be damaged in some way.
And perhaps never really returned, definitely not in its original condition.
To expect otherwise is nothing short of being d u m b.
Oh well.
So what inspired those few lines? A song of course. What else.I'll post up a youtube link once I get to a com. Yeah I'm on bb now.
Anyone who knows even a little about me would know that my Razer Morays which are attached to my ipod, are practically welded into my ears.
Then again. It would be so nice to be dumb, to be able to have hope and unconditional optimism, to believe that utopia is a place on earth.
Sad is the life of one who has an overly active mind. A mind with very negative tendencies.
I'm slipping into bm mode again. Woe to anyone, especially pub teammate who decides to ruffle my already very ruffled feathers.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

[ 05112009 11.50pm | headache. ]

I'm lying on my bed suffering from the most awesome feverish headache ever. Its so awesome that I've been forced to take 1000mg of paracetamol.I took some cough syrup to make myself drowsy (and to stop my irritating cough) and a fedac pill for good measure (its supposed to stop my nose from dripping).
Anyhow. That's the run down of my medication. I didn't take the throat one - cos its not unbearably painful.
And I discovered.... That I have a box of paracetamol from my appendectomy. That's 10x10 tablets. And as if the whole box wasn't enough... There's 2 more foil tabs - ie. 2x10 more thrown into the packet as well.
Right... 140 pills of 500mg paracetamol. Enough to last me 2 lifetimes.
I was watching parents with their kids at the clinic... It kinda amazes me to see the tolerance parents have for their kids, and the amount of attachment the kid has for the parent.
Its like... Having a least, until the kid grows up.
I want a pet. A real pet. Its been a while since my sis has sent muffin and raisin back... And its been an even longer while since I've had an animal to call my own.
There is a limit... Sometimes I'm surprised at how high the limit can go.
I wonder if its worth it.
Is it that easy... Hmm.
I wonder if it'll last.
But I guess I'll take it as long as there's a possibility.
People like what's bad for them.
They like it too much. Even though they know they shouldn't.
The unending circle, and the first square.
We've come a long way, haven't we.
Let's see what more is in store for us, and what we can make of this from here.
I'm Very Very curious to see what happens.
And... I love it, when I see understanding flood through peoples faces. Its such a nice sight.
Until you deal with the consequences of that 'look of enlightenment'.
Ambiguous post again. Sorry. In my 'head is damn pain and many people read my blog so I cannot be too specific' mode.
The paracetamol seems to have taken effect - I'm sweating under my blankie, which means my fever is subsiding, and my head isn't so excruciating achey.
Still waiting for the cough syrup to knock me out... But I think I won't have much problem falling asleep now that the pain has lessened...
Oh, garena ladder is up. Yay. ^^*