Friday, November 20, 2009

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Anonymous Dylan said...
You're right. You are not young anymore. You say u are a gamer. u play professionally but when u strip it all down, what are u? The answer=nothing. Why are u so proud of that fact that u guys have fans in thailand when the only reason they are so entranced by u girls are because you wear skirts. They don't even care whether you're good or not, because u guys arent. What's so great about being a professional gamer who doesnt achieve anything? At least your teammates like dawn are already working and married or have kids and a family to raise. I think you should rethink your life. THere's not point in applying so much makeup and attracting 18 year old boys :) Grow up.
12:16 AM
i felt that this comment warranted a stand alone post to reply it. simply because i do feel that Dylan has valid points.
so, this is what i want to say to him.
Thanks for your concern. this is indeed something i've been giving thought to. i wouldn't say i'm unaccomplished, and i'm curious to know why you seem to think that i don't work.
i have a stable job (which i've held for over 2 years) and a degree to back me up.
i admit that i do not have a family and kids to raise, but that doesnt necessarily mean that those who are raising kids or married are achieving anything special. in fact, they could well be more discontented than i am. also, not everyone's aim in life is to get married and have kids, even though it might be yours, or what you perceive as "right" for me.
i did think about female professional gaming and my conclusion is here :
having fans, for whatever reason, is not something EVERYONE can lay claim to, and it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling to know we're well received - by most -  and i have reason to believe that its not just cos we wear skirts.
also, wearing make up, to girls, is much like styling hair to guys. we/i can't help it if i happen to look pretty young to boot and attract the "wrong" demographic.
that said, i do feel that i'm lacking some things in my life, i am taking steps towards improvement (which, i do not have to share on my public blog)
once again, thank you for your comment.

as an aside, dawn pasted me this link about herbivore guys. i think its worth a read - not all men/people have the same outlook and goals in life.


KL said...

sigh tammy, dun even bother to reply to comments by a guy like dat, i think its time-wasting.If they get it fine then,but the words he used such as (answer=nothing,doesn't achieve anything & grow up) already show shallow mindset. Gosh, i hate when ppl compare stuff like when u nt playing anymore bla bla u'r nothing in the society,what does he feel abt football players n swimmers then?afterall they r just ordinary ppl who can use their feet better n move faster in water above every1 else, y nt just admire their passion for the game,realize that they work hard n train consistently n bear the burden of bringing joy to their fans. It is plain bullshit to question ur commitment n so far i am concern, u guyz r revolutionary in the female gaming scene whereas who is he to use insulting words such as 'act young,put some make-up n attract young boys', i actually laugh out my tears reading it.

as an avid supporter of pms myself, i feel the need to again
state that u guys r awesome, in every aspects (forming the team, real-life frienship, the burning spirit,dealing with sponsors in relatively new gaming environment,good interviews as always n also manage to put up a good blog for us), which imo still have room for improvements n for guys PLS give some credit. A male team actually has a lot of crappy internal isues n the disbanding dramas u see all day is pretty sick too.

btw on the skirt comments, i doubt dylan has the same problem with maria sharapova though?its just part of appearance n i am more interested in what girls can bring to DOTA than look at their lower body.Its nt wrong to be attractive n if u girls can put up some awesome performance during SMM, i think guys will definitely
reckon u guys better.And for the time being u guyz can be proud that some fans like us would actually defend n love u guyz as what u are.Every bit of PMS is unique n cute which shall nt be change based on what others perceive as 'right' and 'dylanive'.

P/s: Tammy,i m amazed u r quite good at ur replies everytime, it does give me more insights on how girls think.all the best in SMM n hopefully wanders could attend!

KL said...

hand itchy wan add something for u =)

"Great spirits have often encountered violent opposition from weak minds."

best wishes for SMM!

Anonymous said...

wat is smm

tammy said...

Hi KL, thanks alot for your comments. it might be that he just doesn't know how to express himself - its hard to tell the tone and mood of what is written online.
i'm not sure if what i think is typical of a female gamer, indeed i wouldn't dare claim to speak for all female gamers. but it IS what I think.
thanks for your quote too =)

hi Anonymous, SMM is this >>