Sunday, November 08, 2009

[ 08112009 1.18pm | hurt ]

Well. If you give your heart to someone, its expected, inevitable that it will be damaged in some way.
And perhaps never really returned, definitely not in its original condition.
To expect otherwise is nothing short of being d u m b.
Oh well.
So what inspired those few lines? A song of course. What else.I'll post up a youtube link once I get to a com. Yeah I'm on bb now.
Anyone who knows even a little about me would know that my Razer Morays which are attached to my ipod, are practically welded into my ears.
Then again. It would be so nice to be dumb, to be able to have hope and unconditional optimism, to believe that utopia is a place on earth.
Sad is the life of one who has an overly active mind. A mind with very negative tendencies.
I'm slipping into bm mode again. Woe to anyone, especially pub teammate who decides to ruffle my already very ruffled feathers.

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