Monday, November 30, 2009

[ 30112009 12.02pm | SMM 2009 ]

i am actually uploading SMM pics very early!!
SMM 09 was held at A'Famosa Resort in Melaka, Malaysia, and MANY MANY international teams came down for it - china sent 3-4 teams, including last year's champs EHOME, Philippines sent Mineski, Denmark send MYM (woot woot), and Canada sent Pokeridols.
i look terrible in many of the pics... ( i have yet to perfect the "take self pic" positioning) but what the heck. it was a GOOD trip, and i want to share the joy with you all!
and i just wanna tell our sponsors and supporters : 
PMS|Asterisk* loves YOU!

me + cyn at the dining area at Afamosa cowboy town.

this was during the blackout - on friday. i managed to sneak a pic of the XtC boys having fun with each other
cyn's ever-ready to be snapped.

thats Ant. he's posing.

thats Ant again. he's not posing.

me + shawn ho, local MYM rep.

EHOME's manager Penny + me.
he likes to make funny faces and he's quite zi lian! lol... =x

me + CBing

the SMM stage + audience area

close up of the smm stage backdrop. love the pictures... was the old dota load screen.
you can also see the medals on the left, and the large orc hammer on the right.

kimchi + me at the competition area. thats the backdrop - all the SMM08 pictures on the walls

on the banana truck to the cowboy town from our d'savoy condo.
DANGEROUS MAN! the driver goes over the humps at full speed. thats another block of units behind me.

sGty-FTD's 2009 and SMMm's TT Lim at the dining area
- photo taken by Penny!

team MYM + dawn and i.
Angel, Mania, Kuroky, Pusher, Myself, Miggel, Dawn.

kura + me.

oh yes.... do take a look at the video of PMS|Asterisk* vs MYM on
and here are the pics taken by mym's rep Danny89 during the blackout.
its quite funny, because everything's dark, you cannot really aim your camera lens.
so we're off-centre in alot of the pics. but its cute!

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