Monday, January 24, 2005

[ 24012004 3.53am | matters. ]

i have somhow managed to leave my entire pencil case... or rather, pencil bag at home. so i'm stuck in hall with one eraser and one pencil. i feel like a primary school kid.


anyway, today, or rather, yesterday, was one of the best games of my life. as gill put it "i never lost until so suang before." its great to know you defended well, played well as a team, ran your hearts out... all against the (arguably) best team in singapore, moosettesz. (is that right? i never managed to spell it correctly...) 5-1 was more than i could ask for. it was a granted that they would win, but i was set on making it difficult for them, at the very least. think everyone held the same sentiments. plus, there's always this possibility that we could score more than them in a game. it even better to know that we "avenged" (or you can say, 'bettered') our senior team who lost 9/10-1 to them a year ago. kinda amazing... thats why i love being an underdog.

Singapore Floorball League -

NUS Jupitans

vs NTU 1-2
vs UWC 13-0
vs Mz 1-5

thats it so far.


aside -
somehow... i still dont think the team can ever take the place of my sailors...

Monday, January 17, 2005

[ 17012004 3.41pm | pathetic ]

in the aftermath of a fever that peaked at 38.4 degrees Celsius. very strange indeed. i was feeling sluggish at church and decided to just run home quickly and doze it off. halfway through my doze i woke up with a racing heart and a burning head.
from yesterday til today, i have managed to lose 2 kg. i now weigh in at a miserable 41kg. well, all i was taking was oranges and juices... and water. but i didnt expect to reduce my size so greatly. why do i have to lose weight so easily but take forever to put it on?

anyway... its tutorial registration again... and the headache of ranking tutorials replaces my headache from the fever. i dont understand the logic. all my tutorials are equally important to me, and i want them all because i've already planned so that they will all fit my timetable nicely. so how can i decide which one is rank 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5? irritating. they are all top priority wat.

i'm feeling weak and spidery. if you know what i mean by 'spidery'.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

[ 08012005 12.25am | in love! ]

ok... maybe i use "love" too loosely... but... can you help it when the object, or person in question looks like

jacinda barrett as rebecca in bridget jones diary - the edge of reason.

Friday, January 07, 2005

[ 07012005 3.10pm | guys<--- ]

i cant believe this is the topic of my first post of the new year. but i am so peeved!
anyway, to quote my sister " we should have hot little packets of curry to throw at these stupid guys"
what am i talking about? idiotic guys who like to harrass girls or females on the street, especially when they are in big bunches and know that they will never see you again.

lets do a profile (is it called a profile? case profile...)

lone female
dressing need not be provocative. just shirt and jeans will do
teens and above

group of males, at least 2 or more
any age.

bus stops
along roads
mostly where the victim and the idiot(s) are the only 2 parties around

ok. so with this in mind, lets examine what happens, using my experiences.
on occassion, i have been hooted at by guys sitting at the busstop opposite the road, been honked at by various people in vehicles while sitting at my busstop, been harrassed by guys at the shop houses near my place, roared at by a whole tonner of army boys (that was actually pretty funny...cos it was amazing at how many faces filled the back of the tonner) and one incident which i will never forget.
these 2 idiots were in a truck and passing by my bus stop. its the kind of truck with a large, long side window. as it passes me, the front passenger sticks out his tongue and rolls his eyes, mashing himself against the window. i'm like... hello? you look like you're 20 or 30... what are you trying to do???

of all the incidents, the only one i can forgive is the tonner incident. partly cos it left me laughing out loud. and army boys are really rather bored creatures and the whole thing looked pretty rehearsed.
the rest were... well, older men. i mean, what kind of guy does this kind of thing? it IS sexual harrassment, no matter how harmless you think it is. get that into your heads (the one on your neck, that is). i was walking back home the other day, totally covered up in jeans and a high neck top with sleeves. and the idiots at the shop started making noise. i was so tempted to just give them a middle finger. a subtle kind, like not looking at them, just raise my hand next to my face kind.
hah. good thing i have more self control than that.