Monday, January 24, 2005

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i have somhow managed to leave my entire pencil case... or rather, pencil bag at home. so i'm stuck in hall with one eraser and one pencil. i feel like a primary school kid.


anyway, today, or rather, yesterday, was one of the best games of my life. as gill put it "i never lost until so suang before." its great to know you defended well, played well as a team, ran your hearts out... all against the (arguably) best team in singapore, moosettesz. (is that right? i never managed to spell it correctly...) 5-1 was more than i could ask for. it was a granted that they would win, but i was set on making it difficult for them, at the very least. think everyone held the same sentiments. plus, there's always this possibility that we could score more than them in a game. it even better to know that we "avenged" (or you can say, 'bettered') our senior team who lost 9/10-1 to them a year ago. kinda amazing... thats why i love being an underdog.

Singapore Floorball League -

NUS Jupitans

vs NTU 1-2
vs UWC 13-0
vs Mz 1-5

thats it so far.


aside -
somehow... i still dont think the team can ever take the place of my sailors...

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