Friday, October 23, 2009

[ 23102009 11.50am | highlighted ]

think its time i posted a list of Thailand highlights.
- gosu street food. and mega cheap.
- cha yen =)~
- duck noodles!
- free lan!
- mass loving fans, superstar treatment... we go BTS (their equivalent of the MRT) got people come up to us to take photos.
- *** getting high and watching porn on handphone, then falling off my bed.
- **** got asked "suck or fuck?" after a massage... AND CHOSE ONE.
- emo people merlioning and emoing
- pocky and milk tea
- exciting stage match ^^
- platinum mall & huai khwang shopping =x
- hotel room card sessions
and the lowlights...
- mass traffic jams... with red light countdown timers set at 300seconds.
- insufficient sleep time
- very hard pillows @@

omgosh i forgot to publish this... its like almost a week late.

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