Wednesday, September 21, 2005

[ 21092005 9.45pm | depraved. ]

it is my conclusion that singaporeans are an emotio-physio depraved society.
what do i mean by that? ok, disclaimer first, i'm sure theres some really cool scientific classification and what not for this deficiency, but i'm not one of those smart asses who know what its called. so to me, its called emotio-physio depravation. this condition means, lacking in physical contact which transmits emotional signals. and i'm NOT talking about the oh so sought after act between males and females.
its amazing how we actually have CLASSES and COURSES to teach us what should come naturally to us. body language, how to show attentiveness, sympathy... its really sad to realise how much we have degenerated.
ok, i guess its not easy for guys especially, to show concern physically since its the age of women-machoism and if-u-touch-me-u-die kinda reactions. i guess its not so easy for you guys to hold some gal gently without any sexual intention. guys are just wired differently.
i feel, theres nothing wrong with gently resting a hand on/around someones shoulder before addressing him/her. it sure beats "eh miss! MISS!! you drop your uh-hum... on the floor." being yelled at 4feet away. and, whats wrong with patting some old lady's back and offering her a tissue while she coughs her lungs and kidneys out? (speaking from my awful coughing state now) nothing wrong. nothing wrong at all. except that it WONT BE RECEIVED KINDLY. its so likely that you'd probably get your eyes and nose clawed and slapped off on the slightest bit of contact.

when did people become so protective of their bodily zones? even during rush hour mrt traffic, people still manage to stand without touching each other directly. which is why poor people like me have no space left to squeeze into and end up waiting 5 trains in a row before boarding a reasonably empty train. its all fine to be protective of certain areas of your body, but parts like shoulders, arms, hands... are meant to be shared (in an innocent, harmless, comforting way). its all about having a better society, one that cares for each other.
next time, support that frail old man to the mrt seat. dont just stand up and indicate.
AND if you happen to be that frail old man, dont shrug off the kindly hand or beat it off with a stick. a smile and simple word of thanks would be plenty.

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