Thursday, January 24, 2013

Like... Woah... Hold your horses white knight fanboys...

Got many comments about the whole Na'Vi hoodie issue, quite a few simply didn't understand what I was trying to say, so for the benefit of everyone, here it is in one simple sentence :

I would have appreciated the campaign better if they used their star players instead of a tv host, because it would have connected better.

That really is all there is to it.

Here are some further clarifications,
1. It is ironic that you would bring this up, seeing as you are a female gamer who markets herself as such.
- well obviously I would market myself and my teammates as female gamers, because that is who we are. If I were to use iceiceice as our mascot to reach out to the gamers, then there is something very wrong there.

2. All you did was show your face and you became famous, because people saw that you were a girl.
- thanks for discounting the 8-9 years that I've been in the DotA community, as an employee, a manager, a gamer, a competition organizer, a caster, a streamer, a content provider..... Etc.
But even if I didn't do all that work, then why are there so many unknown gamer girls (who have shown their face) around?

4. This is a normal marketing gimmick used by all companies, there's nothing wrong with Na'Vi doing it too.
- (if my first post mentioning that it was nothing reprehensible wasn't clear)
Definitely! There's nothing wrong with what they did.
It didn't connect well with everyone, and felt like it was a lazy approach (as compared with their other reviews eg,the benq monitor review, no players were involved, and compared to other organizations who ran some mind blowing campaigns) but essentially, there's nothing wrong with it.
It doesn't mean I have to like it. The boobs and girls tactic is efficient, but there're are people who would have been more impressed by a more classy, player oriented sort of thing.
In the end anyway, they gained lots of people discussing it, and no publicity is bad publicity. You gotta admit the shock value was there.

5. You hate her. You are jealous of her. She's making easy money with her tits and you?
- I don't think she's unattractive, I think she has a good bod, and she knows how to act in front of a camera. Basically, she's a good host, entertaining, and does a good job.
I said more or less the same things in my previous post. Does it sound like I hate her or that I'm jealous of her?
How people choose to make their money is up to them, I'm making easy money cos I'm doing what I love, and when I love what I'm doing, it's not a job.


Just to end off:
Quickly now, what do you think of when I mention the deodorant "Axe"?
(probably more relevant to the people from the U.S.A)
Or perhaps, "Old Spice"?

See the importance of who you choose to associate with your brand yet?

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Pedro Luis Santiago Ramirez Perez said...

Hi tammy. So... now i am a white knight uh?? Ok i can live with that. You have your point of view, i have mine but always, ALWAYS with respect, the people who uses other adjetives (someone say "gay", dude go back to the spanish inquisition).
The other points are plain stupid ("you are jealous" yeah right... Tammy its one of the most cutest women in Esports).
Well thats all i have to say, now if you excuse me i need to kill a dragon, thats what we the knights do (also we rescue princess, we dont kill ogres, the union is very clear) :p
See ya