Sunday, May 23, 2004

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karen : unfulfilled sexual fantasies... does not sound good... haha...


just got back from a short but really eventful trip to malaysia. drove up to ipoh to throw somemore wedding dinners for my sister. my mum's folks are malaysian see.
anyway, this trip, i experienced a cracked windshield as well as a truck's brake on fire.
the first occurred on the north-south highway when a small stone flew into my car's windshield, resulting in a loud birdshit sound. when you're driving at over 100km/h, anything small shit that hits the windshield can cause it to crack see. good thing for the sun-ex that my dad put on the interior. think that stopped the whole screen from shattering.
the second occurred near a circus (roundabout, for the less familiar...) in ipoh. there was a whole lot of smoke from the truck 2 vehicles in front of us. my dad was like, o, he's carrying alot of ice. (huh??) then the car in front of us pulled away just in time for us to see the tire of the truck burst into flames. after parking dangerously close to the truck which looked like it was about to blow up, my dad rummaged in the boot for the fire extinguisher. by then, the little malay man driving the truck had jumped out, stuck his hand into the flames and was pouring water from his coca-cola bottle all over his wheel, with little effect. then, like achilles saving the day for the greeks, my dad appeared with the tiny extinguisher which miraculously was large enough to put out the fire very effectively.


after which, he told us the story of why he always carries a fire extinguisher with him in the car.
back in the days when he didnt carry a fire extinguisher in the car, he was driving along ubi, near weiming's camp, paya lebar air base. a fighter jet was coming in to land from an exercise in tekong. apparently, this jet, after discharging the dummy bomb, did not withdraw its hook. so as it was coming in to land, the hook caught on a motorcyclist and dragged him and his motorbike quite a way, setting them both on fire. my dad, and the motorists around, were powerless to help... so they watched him burn.

traumatic eh?
wonder how many million extras that pilot had to sign...

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