Monday, December 27, 2004

[ 27122004 11.50pm | xmas message ]

did u people read about the little girl who got lost for 24hrs and was found on christmas eve?
in case you havent, she apparently walked out of her home to buy sweets and then decided to visit her friend at harbourfront. following that, she went to orchard and befriended a tissue seller who brought her home for the night. she was spotted the next day while having breakfast with the tissue seller.
its a living story of the prodigal son. cf. luke 15:11-24. when she was returned to her mother, her mother said something along the lines of "this is the best christmas present i could get, my daughter was lost, but now she is found."
the picture of her mother holding her daughter, and the daughter's sheepish face said it all. thats the face of someone who's done wrong and has come back expecting scolding. but the mother just hugged and kissed her.
the similiarities are uncanny, re-read both stories if you can.
this was our christmas eve sermon given by leon stewart, its amazing cos i read the papers not thinking much of the story, just glad that it didnt turn out like huang na's. but the holy spirit must have touched leon as he read it, which gave him eyes to see the resemblance.
amazing christmas eve.

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