Friday, December 10, 2004

[ 10122004 2.17am | cousin day ]

went out with my kok cousin who kept complaining that she put on 4 kg. lol...

big complaint of the day : levi's perfect fit jeans dont come in size 24
like... ok. i hate to say it, but the perfect fit in white really looks good. everything fits, except the top band. thats how sucky. they have a model thats white. with the perfect fit cut. unfortunately, the smallest is 25. not that they ran out of stock. but cos they dont bring that size in. so small butt-ers like me have been discriminated! REVOLT!

anyway. cousin reminded me of an outing to moonfish where her friend wanted ketchup. so my cousin, being the ever helpful, asked the waiter "do you have... erm... like ketchup?"
the resulting concoction tasted somewhat like chilli sauce.
moral of the story - tell waiters exactly what you want. dont like this like that.

does anyone know the price for wakeboarding? i've got a deal for $65 for 4hrs, thanks to my resourceful cousin. wondering if its worth it.

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