Tuesday, November 16, 2004

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hello hello, i'm so super busy i cant believe i have time to leave a few words here...
been working at the singapore motorshow 2004. relax... i'm not one of those race queens... i wear a super un-funky outfit, but at least its super comfortable! the shirt (ok... tank top. wide straps, like... 14cm wide) is a few sizes to large, same goes to the 3/4 pants i wear. really surprised that i managed to get a job, at such an event, which has such decent wear man.
got some pics, may post them up after exams if i feel like. lots of chio race queens there man...

anyway, some replying

zy - when exactly is it out?? soon right?
passer-by - lol... thanks. gaming is in my blood. its a habit i just cant kick... unfortunately for my studies...
wm - lol... fine. why not... bangkok? go shopping! phukets a little of a waste of money, even though its cheap. i have to start saving.
bearz - u dota too?? add me to your friends list lah... i'm in us west nick sephora ;)
yan - you toot. wat was it about those music groups you were asking me about? u trying to give them away or something? u have 5 more days to breathe than me... i end on the 29th. go out after that k!
dan - HELLO!! i cant wait to see you without your hair... haha... pop by the motorshow over the next weekend or something?

ok. back to work. =)
studying and working is not a fun thing... its really pretty tiring... and you need tons of self discipline... trust me on that.

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