Monday, June 21, 2004

[ 21062004 3.42pm | bandung. ]

just back from a week long trip to indonesia bandung. what can i say... the normally unsentimental, unfeeling rock (me) actually shed a few tears at the end of the trip. it was the total effect... plus the lack of sleep, plus angel's leaving...

after 2 months of preparation, and working to make the trip succeed, to see it all over gives one a bittersweet feeling. bitter cos we'll definitely miss the place and people tons, sweet cos you know that you've done something worthwhile, that it was a success.

took an air asia flight there, it was hell after the SIA trips that i'm normally used to. followed by a 5 hr bus ride, which wasnt too bad, considering ipoh to singapore took 12 hrs.

talked to the church people whom i grew up with, possibly more in that week than i have ever in my life. (yes shan...) and got to know the younger ones better. and got to listen to liyang mooning over weiling. and interacted more with pin yoon's and wee jin's kids...

food there was great. absolutely delicious... although picky ones barely ate anything other than rice (rachel grrr... must force feed one...)
the water was refreshing, colder than on mount ophir, beautiful after a long day's work building houses.
mornings were cold, smoke coming out of our mouths when we breathed and talked.

campfire night... friendship dance... huiyi and christian... lol.

(which i will continue writing about soon cos i have to run...)

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