Tuesday, June 29, 2004

[ 30062004 3.26pm | KL ]

the kl trip was a blast man. spent our days there shopping at chinatown and eating good food. =) plus, i scored my first ever competition goal. it was ugly, but as banana says, its a goal nonetheless.
i have to be more diligent in my ankle exercises, and i need to get my fitness back. a little difficult, seeing as i am down with diarrhoea from dunno where. must be my mum's mushrooms. lolz.

anyway, i'm back for a while, before i leave, tentatively, on the 8th july, i think, for phuket with the rj bunch. gonna be working at egames once dilip gets my schedule confirmed. which means, no more late late nights, and more early mornings. shouldnt be too difficult since i just got back from 2 camps which made me sleep early and wake up early. yeah, i have no idea why i was so tired... everyone went to watch euro and i happilly konked off on my bed, only to wake at like... 5am cos shen came banging back into the room.
in accordance with the soccer fever, us gals came back to sg with a large bag of soccer jerseys from jln petalling night market. =) hehheh. i currently have holland, real madrid and argentina, which i think is very pretty cos its blue.
and, i have coloured contacts. for fun. haha.

went clubbing on the last night there, it was ok... spent most of the night sitting on the sofa watching bags cos i was feeling out of sorts. i mean, i actually took a panadol!

wished i could have pushed myself more for the games, but it was kinda scary. and tiring. as it is, i got a large bruise from being pushed by a large 15, which i just discovered yesterday.

basically just rattling and rattling...

missed the bandung trip presentation... sigh... would really have liked to be in church for it... and see my stupid photo. haha...

anyway, wm, glad ure ok, pity u couldnt get an mc... for those not in the know, he got banged down by a car while cycling. reason? she was a lady driver... -_-

lish, u back in sg? hope to catch u soon. yup, i'm still around that area... lolz...

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