Wednesday, July 07, 2004

[ 07072004 12.40am | windstruck ]

caught 2 shows recently, spiderman 2 and windstruck.
i'd recommend spiderman cos everyone's watching it, and the soundtrack is great, and the dr octavius (or however you spell his name) really looks like the one in the comics. spiderman's landlord's daughter however, is exceeding ugly.
the "i really love you so much, but i cant bear to tell you cos it will harm you" theme is extremely irritating. because i think thats the last thing someone in love will think about, that their love will lead to personal harm.
oh well.
nice ending for the setting of spiderman 3 though. these ppl know how to make you come back for more. felt like an episode of smallville, with uglier actors.

windstruck however, is an excellent laugh. as well as a sweet story. its sad too, i guess. i like the front part alot, it made me laugh like a nut... so much so that i think the rest of the cinema was laughing at me rather than at the show.
but after halftime, the show got kinda draggy. stick through the draggieness and the cliche portrayed "heaven" backdrop and you'll be surprised by a nice twist. its hard to surprise me, so i give the director credit for that.
i wouldnt call the cast good-looking, but i love the female lead in her black uniform... -droolz-
oh yeah, the starting misled me a little too... hehheh. that touch impressed me. unconventional directing there...


next up, davinci code.
now, wc!

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