Wednesday, July 07, 2004

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happy birthday yan! finally 18, now you can club legally and quit stealing id's from my friends! haha...

ming and mel and sir are all back for their summer? breaks. hmm. i forsee some catching up...

anyway, where i left off last entry.
davinci code.
it offers a very interesting take on Christianity, as well as brings to light some lesser known facts about it.
let me share some with you. roman catholism is actually a fusion between a pagan religion and christianity. many of the symbols in the roman catholic church are actually from this religion, for example, the common scene of mother mary cradling baby Jesus is actually copied from figures of the goddess isis. the halos around the saints also comes a religion that worships the sun.
plus, 25th december, is not the real birthdate of Jesus. in fact, it is the special date of various pagan gods, like dionysius and adonis.
for this reason, some churches do not celebrate christmas, like my aunt gen's church.
anyway, i found bits of the plot predictable, maybe i just managed to pick on the hints that dan brown left around. but some twists managed to amuse me. in retrospect, i should have noticed... given all the hints were in the book...
it wasnt exceptionally funny... its not a read that will leave you grinning stupidly on the mrt. but not bad.
i shall look for his other books, when i have the time and money...

in case anyone wants to borrow the book, theres a waiting list.
weiming? or are u getting it from your sister.

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