Wednesday, July 28, 2004

[ 28072004 2.51pm | chests. ]
what is it about chests that people find so fascinating.
was reading the new paper about the new paper faces, and one girl was featured cos she had big boobs. the article continued, giving specific measurements.
thats ridiculous. if women are breasts, does that mean men are penises? how come guys arent featured with appendage lengths on newspapers?

sensation. thats all the new paper is about.
like the recent fiasco about nus and ntu ragging. how for forfeits, the guys had to strip their trunks off and let the girls hold them for 2 minutes... or how gals have to sit on guys laps in the bus.
after experiencing law camp 2003, i've realised they cant force you to do forfeits. you have to be willing to do them. if not, a plain refusal would suffice.

new paper.

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