Tuesday, August 03, 2004

[ 03082004 11.20pm | glee- ]

with bated breath, i walked, nay, i nearly ran, up the long escalators...
anticipation, adrenaline... the knowledge of almost holding it in my hands, the yearning nearly causing me to stumble down the long flight i just climbed up, pushing my burning muscles on.
a sleepless night, spent thinking, dreaming, waiting... for this exact moment.
a barely controlled smile lighting up my dark eye-ringed face...
"i'm sorry, jay's new album isn't here yet, the supplier says he'll be bringing it in later though... come back later?"


so much for waking up early.


anyway, i finally have the coveted cd in my hands. cd, and vcd. and, its gorgeous, as expected.
he was smiling at me over dinner, a contented, wistful smile, at my present day uncharacteristic hyperactiveness, at the glee and unconcealed, unsullied happiness, rather than at my anecdote about a flying cockroach that defiled my room the night before.
"i haven't seen you this happy in a long time... if only you could be this happy all the time..."


house of flying daggers

ending left everyone in the cinema confused, judging by the unanimous "huh?" when the credits came out.
all i can say is that the 3 of them (zhang zi yi, andy lau, and takeshi kaneshiro) looked really good in the show.
it was predictable... duh she wasnt really blind... and duh she would run off with takeshi...
one of the rare chinese movies which attempt to bring in a wider theme into the picture, rather than the usual traditional i love her, he loves her too, we all die kinda thingy.


kinda draggy... mildly touching. young jin is chio and lee seok jin is cute.
war scenes are pretty real... story line is abit huh... you have to fill in quite a few gaps yourself.
directing aint that good either.
but not bad lah i guess. somehow the people who make you smile the most seem to die all the time. oh well.

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