Sunday, August 15, 2004

[ 15082004 11.46pm | totd ]

thought of the day : socialites arent that good at personal relations cos they are trained to be impersonally courteous.


today was the last match as undergraduates - graduates... if the split goes well, we'll be left without the backbone of our lines, and about 3 defenders. will miss the advice and the screaming sidelines...

the pinkies played well, many shots on goal and they were faster and more focused than us, i felt.
they kept up the intensity throughout the entire match...

we gave them a hard fight too i believe, but i died off after the first period and a half. stamina.

new goals : train as if playing a match.
run more, for stamina.

roar. and i need a stick bag. if i'm frivolous enough, i'll get a white one.

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