Saturday, August 20, 2005

[ 20082005 1.16am | finished, i guess. ]

it was one of those stories you wished would never end, the kind that left you in an imaginary world, yearning for more of the characters, more of the scenery, more exploits... more anything, just more. like... the chronicles of narnia, or lord of the rings... that kind.
the last few pages are agony... on one hand, you really want to know what happens, the conclusion to the build up of many pages, on the other, you want to slow down because the end just means... theres no more. deciding what to do, a mental battle occurs, in the end, the want to know what happens wins out, and before you know it, you're at the blurb.
stories are stories, and they all end, eventually, no matter how much you wish they would go on and on forever. even harry potter will end, so i was told by daryl today.
what can you do at the end of a book? well, there's the option of re-reading it, but then, you'll never get the same satisfaction, or the same feelings re-reading a story you already know. you can dwell on the longing and yearning for a while, but in the end, moving on to another book is the only realistic option.
somehow, after a really good book, the next few books one reads will read a little hollow. in the shadow of a really good read, mediocre books just dont deliver.

it'll take a while to find my next good book.


this one's for you.

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