Monday, August 22, 2005

[ 21082005 3.28am | all the eye candy. and some not so candy-ish ]

one of my shocks. haha... its like seeing your teddy bear come to life. but kakashi happens to be one of my anime crushes. not only is he damn good looking (YES! he IS, under that mask of his... although us faithful naruto followers hae yet to see it...), he is a perfect gentleman (non-existent in real life) and damn sey, damn talented... *gushes*
anyhow, he's one of those ficticious characters whom i wish would just come to life... he's only 26, by the way...
this guy did a pretty good job with the hair, the eye, and the stance. however, the kunai in his hand look like metallic fingers... which is a waste.

our friendly chee ko pek, jiraiya-sama, talented and horny. this cosplay actually does look a little like him. not that i'm saying the poor guy looks chee ko pek... but ok well. jiraiya is one of the naruto characters i wish we got to see more off. his just so hilarious.


other than the outfits, that is. the guy looks like a sleaze bag, not a sey yandao. he definitely does not do squall justice. the girl, maybe can... with plastic surgery and rebonding. but her stance is totally wrong with that outfit. shoulda worn the gold / yellow one instead.
i mean.. come on... THIS is squall, scar and all. and man, he looks good.

and on to my present FAVOURITE.
ROY! *=)
who does NOT look this this kok

this is like... a total insult to the lady killer, roy mustang. thats a... chinaman!
at least the next one, looks a little more like him. cept that... its actually a LADY in that outfit!!

for those not on my msn, or those who havent seen my msn pic (prob cos your msn is like... dinosaur age) this is roy (*melt)

not much to look at, you may say? i beg to differ, roy has gals falling over themselves just to talk to him. sure of himself, (gorgeous), loyal, (gorgeous), protective,(gorgeous), a high ranking officer (and a gentleman), (gorgeous), talented, (gorgeous), aloof, (gorgeous), painfully just, (gorgeous), sarcastic,(gorgeous), ... ... gorgeous?
he's the kind with a hint of "bad guy-ness", the kind that only one special lady can pin down for her own exclusive use.

btw, the full metal alchemist cosplay site i got the good roy photo from is here. PLEASE go take a look. they are extreme cosplayers, and their work is AWESOME. the armstrong is PERFECT (but a little less muscular than the real armstrong) and the edward is very on the mark too. hawkeye and winry are a little too plump, but the costume and makeup really really well done. i'm not usually so liberal with my praise, being a horrible critic... so this has to be something.


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