Wednesday, August 10, 2005

[ 10082005 5.07pm | stuck.again ]

it always turns out this way. just when i thought i crawled out, i find i'm nowhere near the end. its like the neverending poverty cycle, the nightmarish maze without an exit. everywhere is light, bright blinding light which bleaches everything the same colour, so bright that i cant see. i walk around in this brightness stumbling repeatedly on various objects, all hidden in the light. its like having repeated dreams of being hunted and awaking right before i'm killed.

i've crawled to the border of light and dark again. to take a step more, or take a step back is the difference of 2 worlds. all at once, i'm wishing i would wake up from this hunted dream... or simply be ended in it.

then again, maybe this whole bright world is just an internal vision of my room at 5pm when the sun shines in, waking me up.
one thing i'm sure of, is that school has started, which means i'm gonna resume blogging.


living alone is great. it has its fair share of perks and freedoms. but living alone with responsibilities is a little different. freedoms are curbed, perks are dulled. responsibilities make the world a better place, but they make the individual a whole lot heavier.


nus is having a gaming competition... how i wish i could take part, but. i dont have a team. i mean, i do have a team, but they aren't from nus. what a waste. i'm pretty sure we'll trash everyone else.


just wanna draw the curtains around me to block out all this light... and go back to sleep...

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