Monday, December 12, 2005

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its in chinese, if u can take it. quite a sweet, sad story. somehow, chinese and jap can express things in a way that english cant. i guess thats what anyone who takes another language would realise. there are always other ways of representing and describing...


ever noticed how its always a guy, rather than a gal, who does unglam things in public.
the other day, i was on the mrt, and this man, MAN, mind you, about 50+ years old, was happily picking his nose like there was no tomorrow. males seem to go through one stage, childhood. ok, maybe the do pass through an act - sey stage in their life, when they are out jio-ing gals, but eventually, they lapse into that state of oblivion, unglam-ness, and caveman kinda behaviour.
why is it, that gals dont do the same? gals seem to grow up, and grow out of it...
the next time you travel on public transport, take a good look around. chances are you'll find someone picking a nose, digging a toenail, pulling hairs with 2 coins or something like that.
and you know what, its gonna be a GUY.


i'm working in a furniture shop, it sells retro stuff, for the atas, cultured kinda customer. the niche market kinda thing. i personally prefer zen stuff and minimalist designing....
anyway. this gay walked in in hot shorts. he had this really cultured and polished aura about him. seriously AURA. level 10.
i didnt get a guy feeling from him, or a gal feeling either, it was more of like... just a sexy aura. *shrugz*
very feline, model like. oh well. looks like even guys could teach me a thing or two about being polished and refined.

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