Sunday, July 30, 2006

[ 30072006 10.29pm eventful eventful!!! ]

the past few days have been super busy, and super eventful.
lets see... i have had 4 doctors appointments to clear my medical for SIA, now still waiting for them to give me the final call and stuff...
had capl commentating week3, wgt from wed to fri, gals training on thurs and fri, gxl on sat and sun, sgga gamersfest on sun. tiring or! but really many many events... so much so that i'll be glad to have a day off tml to rest and chiong game at home quietly...

i miss my gals... not my dota gals, i see them so often... referring to my jc gals... and i missed my class gathering. oh well. events events!

i have uber sore throat from mega long hours of commentating. but commentating is getting better! more fun more chemistry! and audience response is so good... it just makes everything great *=) >> happy smile.

anyhow, gxl, zenith wins (aka ex-mVp team 1), no surprise there eh. but the match was interestingly close. fun to watch! wished i was commentating... i love commentating their matches cos they always do weird funny stuff! esp tofu... LOL ksing spree! "why cant u all say that it was a nice finish by tofuboi, why must it always be a KS?!" quoted from him, abt kel's and my commentary on him. well, if you're tiny, and u get a dagon, and just zap for last hit... DUH its ksing!

sgga gamersfest was some fun, we played 4v4's cos char had wedding dinner to attend and stuff. somehow after watching ice's qop play gxl right before using it for the matches was super inspirational... cept for a small mistake that i made... (ok gals, no exposing anymore!) all i can say is, even after that mistake, i was still beyond godlike ok! 18 kills! (i can just hear ice saying "noob or..." but true lah. i noob. so how? wanna sue me?)
but we felt like... weird or! there were so many ppl taking photos... like paparazzi... lol then dawn was so distracted by all the popping flashes. and i was so self conscious... cannot kiao kar! i'm the super unglam kiao kar person, and i cannot play sitting properly... so. lol. but must image image abit.
like to thank chris and rachael aka Rf pink for the invite to the event!
also, hi to the rp gaming team, and team RpC i think. GG to you all!


weird is weird is weird. but oh well. got nothing much to say cept that i agree to shan's blog on weirdness. but things are as they are. its time to move on with life and chuang zao xin shi jie!
[X3M]asterisk* ftw!
must add tagline "game and nothing more."
put things behind and just get a move on ftw!

thanks to cloud, lux, dCdC for being there when i needa kpkb / tok / emo. lol... u guys rock lah.


phase of stability. happiness ftw!

LOVE THIS PIC TO BITS! its so cute tha i feel like decapitating it! and squashing it til it pops!

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