Monday, April 16, 2007

[ 16042007 11.34pm | bbqed ]

i'm bbqed cos i cant remember my email password. GG!


mym today was actually more fun than mym yesterday. the fact that all of us went down to GG to play made it so much better. jovi and i were actually able to communicate! and i was actally able to yell at tofu! and ant could inform me that he would be using attendant wisps so i wont run away.
in true Ant style, i shall list the things that i need to change:

1. be less of a scary person in game.
i guess i'm pretty scary if i pms over something dumb. i mean... tofu looks at me with fear before the match and practically begs me not to pms and yell at him later. however i do need to clarify that i'm different in compie and normal game. if tofu kses my neutrals on purpose in a normal game, he's pbanned from all chns i hold access to. if ant (notice, ant. not tofu) kses my neutrals in compie, i'll help him and walk away after we clear the spawn.
somehow in compies, i'm more willing to admit where i stand in the team and more willing to be helpful. because i dont have certain personal aims that i want to see, or lofty expectations that i have of myself in pub matches. which, btw, i have. i think perhaps, i hold myself to expectations which are simply way beyond my reach. playing with the best has made me aspire, and expect too much.
but all that, i put away in compie. esp if the best are on my team. =x

2. take advice better
especially when it is given with an extremely critical tone. advice is fine when it is given nicely, and not when its in a you-fking-noob-wtf-u-doing way.

3. trust my team intelligently
like... when tofu says go, remember his pudge isnt lux's and be ready to run with him when he misses hook rather than try to salvage the situation by swopping cos he would have run too far to bite, hence leaving me to die.
however, when ice or jovi say go, question not and die for them.


i guess there's alot more for me to write about, but these 3 are more to do with mindset and thinking, rather than game skills. my team has all the game skills we need... (more than enough to cover for my lack of, i'd like to believe) so attitude focus ftw!
STOP BEING SCARED OF ME. i'm not scary. not THAT scary at least... half the time i'm frustrated with myself not you. or you. or you or you.

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