Thursday, November 27, 2008

[ 27112008 10.00am

At the 15-minute mark, Ks had an advantage so huge that they were leading in both kills and economy. Suddenly, one member from former Zenith manually quit the game, and they wanted a reload. The last save was after the first blood, where former Zenith was at advantage. Eryc and myself was so angry about that; profesional gamers knew that what the load meant! Ks could actually play 4v5 if they wanted, but hyhy let them reload because of his former teammates. After the reload, every thing was so different.

(5 minutes ago) #14 spiddy
evo.xtc's player DCed, and xtc was leading in terms of kill 8-6. However, they lost one more tower than ks. get your facts right chinaboy

(4 minutes ago) #15 spiddy
also after the remake ks-yamateh got a double kill on evo.xtc and now they were leading in terms of kills so the reload wasn't all that bad for them

ok, first off, even though i was casting this game, i cant say that i remember what exactly happened.
but i do remember that TB just downed bottom 2nd lane tower of xtc, and evo's AP was pushing top 2nd scourge tower.
AP tp-ed back i think, and the dc happened.
reload was back to 4mins, right after first blood.
tb had farmed up quite abit by then, more than the ap, and after the reload, ap managed to farm up more cos they decided to let the tb solo more.

but well, thats the way it is, isnt it. if you dont reload you're yelled at for not having sportsmanship - so its not an option.
i'm sure ks themselves are the most familiar with how differently things can go after a reload.
they arguably won fnatic (or XcN) that way in thailand, finals.

so interesting... i like to see the after event backlash.
forum trolls ftw.

oh yeah, i believe "manual quit", ie alt qq, was incorrect too. haha. maybe its the translator!


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BeAr! said...

Actually, from what i noticed, after the reload, eVo's lion stayed in middle lane instead of roaming and i'm pretty sure they realised their mistake and the lion stayed in the middle lane to control the tb from farming. From my personal point of view, if eVo did not "accidentally quit", KS would have won that round