Tuesday, March 16, 2010

[ 16032010 11.47pm | hmm. ]

and sometimes i wonder if i care about the team and competitive gaming more than i actually care about my own identity.
i mean, it would explain why i pour all my energy into team stuff and why i get bothered about teammates and team happenings.
WHAT IF. i'm the only one who feels this way? and the other 3-4 don't really give a damn!
then, too bad i guess, but it won't be the first time i'm in that situation, and, from experience, 1-2 person's zeal is enough to keep everything going.
ant says we're the most stable team around.
interesting. yes, we've kept our name the longest, and we've built our identity. by the next generation the name will likely be gone, but not the legacy and the groundwork, i hope.


Anonymous said...

What else needs to be done?

While it must be irritating to be the only one actually working on a project while the rest of your team really doesn't seem to care...

What more could you possibly want for the team? Enlighten me. Most dota teams aren't even sponsored. They don't even last 2 weeks, as the PMS's blog post states. PMS PMS is the best, we are such fucking stable and mature players.

You're also already the team with the highest fame to talent ratio. It's dota. What could be so important that's it's worth all your worryings? What more do you want? And is what you want really attainable with the rest of your life's stuff? With how dota is in Singapore?

I may be saying what your team doesn't wish to say.

flizzardo said...

its commitment issue la

i ve went through this phase before thats why now i only join as last player to any of my friends team for fun...(what to do i am so popular all my friends want to have me in their teams)

because we you are serious about something u put effort but it will never be enough if your teammate dont share the same passion as you!!

Anonymous said...

How can you ever match the time and therefore dota skill of poly school boys and Malaysians who don't work?

Your commitment and passion while admirable, is misplaced.

tammy said...

i want.