Friday, June 11, 2010

[ 11062010 6.05pm | on the brink of... the weekend ]

break my heart from what breaks Yours
everything i am for Your kingdoms' cause
as i go from nothing to


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i don't understand. while there may be mistranslation in the bible and such, there is one huge flaw that i really don't understand.

why would a loving God create us just to seperate us one day, those that believe in him, and those that don't. no matter the relationships and bonds between the people, no, it's nothing, believe in Him or burn for eternity.

hell is supposed to be unimaginable suffering beyond anything on earth could offer. what could anyone possibly do in 60-70 years to deserve such torment, forever?

anyway do you wear push up bras or are you just well endowed?

Maria said...

It's 'kingdom's cause' and 'as I walk from earth into eternity'!

Funny Tammy.

Maria said...

And to the anonymous commenter, hell isn't exactly a place where you burn for eternity. I don't believe it states that in the bible, nor is it stated that Satan rules hell and will make the rest of your afterlife horrible.

It's just... a place without God. And no, I don't really understand why, but it's just a place without God. And for those people, they would have already been living without God for all their lives here. They will live the rest of eternity knowing there is a God, but without Him, I think. And like I said, I don't understand why either, sometimes.