Friday, December 24, 2010

[ 24122010 1.26am | sleepless.again ]

Too much tea too much tea.

Too much tea at the wrong time...


Did a photoshoot for Garena League of Legends a while back and I finally got the photos.

No idea if I can post it up using blog posting via email, but I'll just add it in when I get to a computer anyway.

So if you don't see it yet, check back in a couple of days and it should be up.

Its Christmas Eve, and it feels like any other day.

Had quite a slack day today - chionged 3 levels on my Worgen Hunter : 63 to 66.

Did a few good battlegrounds and got 2 deserter status. Zz.

Life really comes to a standstill when wow re-enters my schedule.

Its sorta scary how totally absorbing the game is and how there's really an alternate universe in there...

Would it be preferable... To live in wow than on this sorry planet.


Its been months since I've touched dota, almost a month since I've last HoN-ed and ages since I last sc2-ed.

I can feel my life rotting in battlegrounds, instances and questing.

Even my gaming life is screwed up by wow!!!

Oh well.

/shrugz again.


I watch you when you are sleeping

You belong to me.

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