Friday, April 08, 2011

Gender Stereotypes - Nanyang Spectrum video

the interview itself was much longer. but i guess they picked out these answers to fit in with their argument.
i'm expecting alot of criticism on this - but bring it on! i'd like to hear YOUR views, and i'm open for discussion. =D


Anonymous said...

Well, I'm not sure about this stereotyping as most of my gamer friends are male. Well I have taught a few female gamers and well you can't really tell who's male or female online as she has kind of exceeded my expectations. Female gamers are usually very quiet in game. They don't talk at all, I don't know why. To conclude, female gamers are no different from male gamers. Male gamers are just jealous of good female gamers.

Anonymous said...

"Well I have taught a few female gamers and well you can't really tell who's male or female online as she has kind of exceeded my expectations"

"To conclude, female gamers are no different from male gamers"

self slapping! dmf lol

Anonymous said...

But why do you feel guys don't show respect? PMS is really cmi at any compies or scrim.

But more famous than most teams that could regularly beat them in a game.

It's irritating to see the old horse being brought out "oh we don't get no respect for our effort cuz we're girls."

Sigh, there is some bitterness in this post perhaps, but you girls should appreciate what you've got too. Perhaps it was in the parts of the interview cut out, but I doubt it.

@ 3:19 am anon: This is why male gamers are jealous. If female gamers are truly no different, PMS would seriously be as significant to me and you as Linda Liao is to my mother.

Anonymous said...

Male or female, we're all human. That means some are better at games, or some(like me) terrible at it (doesn't stop me from trying). Kudos to removing sterotypes.

Tammy. said...

we're definitely very appreciative of what we have.

i honestly don't think there's much bitterness in it :
1. dawn spoke about the difficulty in starting up and keeping a team together because of the simple fact that fewer girls play games seriously, hence there are fewer girls to choose from.
2. cynthia states that guys don't give you the respect until you earn it, which is why 2010 was the turning point for us. every, and i mean EVERY female dota team so far, prior to 2010 (on a LAN competition with no restrictions on the registration) has not made it past the first round. it sounds pathetic, but thats just how it is. we managed to not get kicked out in the first round. also, we've won all the female teams which we played - ironlady, electronic sports thailand championship.
3. in my bit, i spoke about how i felt its more of a fair fight against girls because we know we're gonna give it our all. i've played against top tier gamers, some of whom we know personally. when you secure a kill against them, there's always this element of doubt about whether they were "giving us chance" or "being overconfident and slipping up" as opposed to "we were good enough to kill them" - thoughts we will never harbour when we're PKing another female team.

Anonymous said...

Female gamers play lesser than their male counterparts. Male gamers then to clock more hours trying to perfect themselves. Not much difference. Higher levels of testosterone leads to the "winning attitude".

Anonymous said...

i have never had anyone been to be so perfectly open with on this issue so as to know without a doubt they aren't lying. it's nice to be on the internet, behind a wall of anonymity, posting to a person can't tell who i am anyway even if we saw each other on the bus or something.

the simple and cruel thing you can do now is of course, tell me you don't care, and there is no reason you should care. which is true.

i seriously wonder what the state of my mind is. can state of minds be classified? pondering on it makes me realise psychologists aren't really as amazing as books make them out to be.

you know the advice i gave was that everyone feels this way once in a while, maybe in varying degrees, expressed at various intellectual levels. but there is the pervading thought of wondering why.

it's best to occupy your mind with activities, a change.

why then do i not take this advice, do i need someone else to give it to me? but my close relationships are in tatters like i've said.

do i not believe in it myself? do people like tammy tang never get this depressed because they're too busy working toward success?

i did nothing today. my work provides a low sense of self-satisfaction.

it's harmful, for a introvert. sometimes they need to share their feelings but it's an ability many find hard.



lol, i have freedom of action, as granted me by the Lord Jesus Christ who saved our souls by dying on the cross 2k years ago.

FREEEEEEEEEEDOM. penis penis penis

no not really. there are unseens bonds, rules , relationships, reputation. but one day i will be free. and happy.

this post has no conclusion. because i don't bother.

but i can, you know. i can have epic wonderful happy wise conclusions. i once had 38/40 for a english compo and it was damn well deserved im my opinion.

today you can provide it for me i guess. if you'll stop reacting however you're reacting at the moment.

i just alt tabbed and this all seems hopelessly irrelevant. a page full of everyone with their problems magnified because of their self centredness basically.

but i want the epic wonderful wise happy conclusion. i honestly can't and am not bothering now.

so please. surprise me.

Anonymous said...

i found this great website, a great place to find humor and general uplifts. so i'm no longer feeling negative.

i'm still interested in hearing your thoughts on this matter though. perhaps you'll mention something inspiring.

rather than the usual boring nonsense of your posts. your replies in comments are generally more intelligent and provocative.

i was on the mrt on friday morning with a scholar who was carrying out a near monologue the 15 minutes i saw him "talking" with his friend. mentioning stuff like how he's a money grubber in money grubbing singapore, how this girl, his senior dropped out of law school to pursue filmmaking, and he felt she was her anathema, IN CASUAL TALK OH MY GOD.

the ideal of a university education is kinda romantic, but i'm probably gonna do a shitty course in a lousy uni, where i will probably get half-assed results cuz i am so fucking bored with LOL YOU MAKE ME NEGATIVE

back to youtube then.

Tammy. said...

hmm... would you be, by any chance, JT ?