Monday, June 20, 2011

[PHOTOBLOG] Punggol Promenade

As part of my new healthy living regime, I will get outdoors more and be up earlier in the mornings.
Have no idea how long my resolve will last, but it sucks to keep getting sick.
Anyhow, early mornings provide nice photo opportunities...
Presenting my latest haunt:

Punggol longkang is now a dam, and fishing, swimming etc in it, is now prohibited.
There's a red bridge leading to Lorong Halus (ie, the other side of the river) for those with lots of stamina.

The broadwalk, carefully landscaped, with wooden planks for the jogging path.

A small bridge over a smaller inlet.
I like the plants here. These cattails (?) appear to be of a reddish variety, which matches the bridge prettily.

Ripples, from the many fish which flip around excitedly as they kiss the surface.

Sun kissed boy. Looking very sinewy...

Cattails of a greener variety, against a checkered morning sky.

Water-side plants.

There's a nice chill out place near Punggol Plaza - there's popeye's, a Jap restaurant, a cafe, some seafood restaurants...
There's also a pool hall, and a 24hr prawning/fishing/crabbing pond(s). The prawning ponds are opened by hai bin as well - the quality of the catch is not bad, as good, maybe better than their Bishan branch.

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