Tuesday, September 20, 2011

being a... woman

it's really difficult being a woman.
if you look too good, people will be too afraid to approach you.
if you look bad, you'll be insulted even if you don't purposely draw attention to yourself.
you have to look pretty without trying too hard, and you have to do it tastefully enough so that you don't seem like a slut.

as i get older, i realise that it's harder and harder to maintain yourself. (or maybe its because as you get older, you're exposed to more and more treatments, and more people, and you have the spending power...)
hair takes up a few hundred bucks a year, and if you wanna be extra pampered, you've gotta spend on manicures, pedicures, facials, massages... waxing if that's your preference.

but i guess it's fun, in a way. at least when you DO look good, you're admired and it IS easier to get your way, with both guys and females.
and you are more or less entitled to spend time and money on yourself. entitled, if not expected.
a guy spending time and money on beautifying himself would just be called gay - because metro is not widely accepted here.
i mean... can you imagine what the beautician would say if a guy walked in and asked for eyelash perming?!

oh well. but being female... it's fun i guess.
but if given a chance, i might want to try out being a guy for a day.
it seems pretty fun to be able to pee out of a hose.

and i'm too lazy to caps the right letters, as usual.


Anonymous said...

you can always use a straw to improvise.

Tammy. said...

why use a straw when i can get this : http://www.go-girl.com/