Wednesday, September 01, 2004

[ 01092004 1.23am | angry ]

in case you were wondering about the last post (which i deleted) that was blank, i actually typed a long long thing about housing conditions. but somehow i clicked this and that and it disappeared, leaving me with an empty post. anyway, i shall write about it when inspiration hits me again. in the meantime, i'm really angry with the kok up deleting thing.


for now, let me rant about the SAF. (yes joel and alwyn, i'm finally seeing things that i REALLY dont like about it)
there was a function today, some dunno wat thing at a hotel. and there was TOPLESS dancing. (ok... i'm wondering how many people are gonna surf to my site cos of those 2 words. ie. "topless dancing")
thats really distasteful. topless, meaning, really all totally topless.
what are the people up there trying to do? promote porn and geylang? our cohabitation rate, premarital sex rate are all going up. think about purity. to be untainted. think about this from both angles, the boys and the performing females.
call me a frog in the well, call me a traditionalist, but i believe in the purity and sanctity of marriage, only within which you can expose yourself, and be exposed to your partner. i believe in this, and i will not budge from it.
such ludicrous "functions", no matter how rampant, and how much of a "normal occurrence" it becomes, will ever make me change my mind on this matter. the day things like this dont affect me is the day i am no more myself and have sunken into the pit where all the rest of these people are. apathetic fools.
to be so unexcited that sanctity of sex has to be invaded, used as a tool.
we are indeed in the last days of this sinful world. i am so angry i want to rush about the house breaking down the walls.
i'm furious.

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