Monday, September 13, 2004

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pet peeve 1 : it super pisses me off when people who take the elevator up take the elevator going down because there are tons of ppl who are waiting to go up. for example, in cineleisure. now that the foodcourt is open, the lift serving all floors goes down to the basement. as you all should know, level 1, groundfloor, is always mama crowded. hence, the toots just chiong into a lift thats goes down so that when it goes back up to lvl 1 from basement, no one can get on anymore. that pisses me off immensely. especially since i get food from the foodcourt and have to go back up to my shop on level 3 asap. the lift comes down chock full of ppl who arent getting out. RAWR.

pet peeve 2 : why is singapore so concerned with race, religion and watnots when wanting to apply for jobs, or actually, almost anything else? its such futile categorization. if singapore prides herself to be a multiracial, multireligious kinda community, why do they have to make one fill out a lengthy form on who they are, when they cant even explain why they are who they are? isnt it more applicable to ask what languages one speaks etc. i mean, would you REALLY not hire someone because he/she is a certain skin colour or has certain religious beliefs? i'm talking about a normal run of the mill job, not one with religious or racial overtones... like well... uh... being a pastor.

pet peeve 3 : i'm sick of people who dont signal and think they own the whole road, who have big cars and think they can straddle 4 lanes. RAWR. to quote my dad " why buy an expensive car with a signal, and then dont use it?"
another of my favourites " signalling is free, its doesnt hurt to use it freely. (but not abusively.)"


anyway, ran into quite a few people over the weekend, sue and her bunch being some of them. hehheh... wish i marshalled for wcg, even though it was (i heard) a pretty big flop, at least they got tons of freebies. =p...

angel's over from indonesia! and i didnt find out til today. roar. and shes been here since thursday. double roar. oh well, gonna try to send her off tml, but i have lect, and a match in the evening. so... gotta sleep on it.
todae was pretty fun, one of the rare sundays where my mum lets me out. had lunch (i watched them have lunch rather, cos my family fasts on sundays til dinner) with team bandung, it was nice to gather again... and watch nick be a kok. haha...

nick:"you know ah, you cant break an egg by squeezing it"
(gives precious, expensive egg that everyone was drooling over at the prospect of eating it... a really hard squeeze)
the rest of us (7 in all):"there goes an egg...and we only have 2..."

an amusing outing i must say.

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