Saturday, April 09, 2005

[ 09042005 3.07am | whee! ]

i feel like i have a new com, in actual fact, its only a $100 addition of hd space. but - that $100 bought me 3X as much disc space as i originally had! woohoo for dads' man!

on top of that, my lappie has undergone serious reformatting and clearing up, and my cd drive is back in working order! woohoo again for com-savvy dads'! but not so woohoo for my exams...

anyhow, i'm suffering from 18hrs of non sleep cos of a 3-12midnight shift at egames again. and, i couldnt wait to get my hands on my com... transfer files and such.

o... this feels so good.


grabbed the first cd i could lay my hands on to test my cd drive. it happened to be "o", and once again, i was reminded of how i thought josh hartnett resembled someone i know. i still see quite alot of resemblance... or maybe i'm just blind.


i think i attract old men. the foodstall uncles seem particularly drawn to me. maybe i just remind them of their anorexic daughters who never seem to eat and need constant cajoling just to down a spoonful of soup.
i mean... they give me discounts! haha... and they push steaming packets infront of my nose willing me to exclaim over how hot and nice it is. and then, they give me extra liao!
not all are quite so nice though... the other stall i went to had this uncle who was asking me if i had one dollar coins to change. when i said i didnt, he said "go home and bring your one dollar coins lah. then come back tomorrow and give me?" like... huh?


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私は はたけカカシ先生 がとても好きです!

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