Monday, April 04, 2005

[ 04042005 2.14am | hn. ]

in sasuke's words : hn.

life has gotten worse. and no wm, i'm not awake in a pile of poop. although i daresay i might prefer that to my life now.

teekay - you are pathetic! episode 101 is sooo outdated. but i love that episode. i laughed so much watching it. the only episode that can rival 101 in providing amusement is the one where naruto can only summon a tadpole. haha.

i have progressed from watching naruto, to d/ling and printing naruto comics. i'm such a pathetic toot. but what can i do... thats the only place kakashi exists...


i actually had a week of interesting thoughts to type out, but as what normally happens after long thoughts and no action, you tend to forget them.

my season has ended. and i didnt even get to play the last match. so much for grand-aunt's birthdays... it would have been a fantastic match to watch, even if i couldnt play it. but i cant be in two places at the same time. so all i have now, is next year's season. next year = next academic year.
my laptop is on the verge of breaking down. i only have like... 3 gig of free space now, and no way to burn excess nonsense on to cds cos that darned drive is spoilt.

ok. i'm a whiner. i admit it.
but after discussing budget airlines and national carriers on transport forum all night, i think i'm allowed to be inane here.


jack russels.

they arent meant to be pets. if cooped up for long hours, they become incorrigible and noisy. they will also dig up all your furniture in hopes that there are small animals to chase and wreck everything wreckable. they are basically a ball of energy thats not meant to kept as a small house pet. they are best off in a house with a large compound or with an owner who's a marathon runner.
i really pity these small pooches... they are absolutely adorable, super hyper and terribly misunderstood. dont buy russels if you cant cater to their needs!


i want a bird.
a baby budgie will do. or a baby cockatiel.
i like baby birds.

and if i obtain one my mum will make soup out of it.

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