Thursday, March 31, 2005

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my weeks are getting worse and worse. i cant believe next week is the end of term!
lots of things have happened...

i got my days mixed up and missed wm's bdae. haha... called him on his bdae night asking about bittorrent. but i really thought that day was the 22nd... oh well.

tong xin yuan - episode 41. dont ask, dont laugh either. (i dont even know if the series is out yet)

this weekend may well be out last match of the season! of cos, we will fight to make sure that its not! and its my grandaunts bdae thing... sheesh. priorities eh...

i'm starving, have presentation tml, lots of jap to do too.
and naruto didnt air last week! how much worse can life get...
at least i got a copy of howl's moving castle - the book, and d/led the show - which i cant burn cos my laptop's dvd/cd drive is dead.

ok. life CAN get worse.

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