Wednesday, March 02, 2005

[ 02033005 2.22am | hauru no ugoku shiro ]

what happens when you fall in love with someone who doesnt exist?
charming, pretty to death, dark and mysterious.
pity he has a stupid name. come on... what kind of name is "howl".

the movie was somewhat fragmented and had strange scenes and loopholes here and ther. however, i put it down to misayaki's interpretation of the book and his own creativity.
his fairytale land is absorbing and his characters are well done. mostly. calcifer, the witch of the waste and sophie in particular.
howl has his glam image spoilt by having a strange scene thrown in. you cant look at a character the same way after you've seen him throw a tantrum over hair colour, or if you've seen his butt as he droops in a posture akin to drunken stupor. which is a waste. i really kinda liked his cool, mysterious, charming image.

watch it for : great animations, kimura takuya's voice over, howl's gorgeous looks. good soundtrack. if you end up falling in love with howl, dont blame me. just join the queue.

"whats the point of living if you're not beautiful!"

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