Friday, March 04, 2005

[ 04032005 12.36pm | wet.plants ]

i like wet plants. theres something about them that makes you think of words like "sparkling", "bright", "clean", "healthy"...
wet plants smell good too, the fragrance following a rain is nothing short of wholesome.

but of all wet plants, i like wet trees best. i think its beautiful the way the foliage seems to glow against an overcast sky. the moss and lichens on the trunk turns black after prolonged soaking, defining the plant in a way even an artist cannot. it looks like... the charred stumps of trees after a forest fire, but is lusciously undead.
the next time it rains, quit hiding under an umbrella, cursing your wet slippered feet. look around... at the wet plants...

sure hope it rains again soon.

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