Sunday, March 19, 2006

[ 19032006 7.12pm sick. ]

dotasg5v5 starts this week for me.
we are now x3m members. x3m.CaLz.
i needa go register for avalon. soon.

i have some kind of awful sinus attack. my fault i guess, late nights piaing essays last minute, for one. then chionging lan all night after 2 papers were in, just cos my body clock was whacked and cos i was suddenly feeling deprived.

good thing i managed to convince cloud to tawn, then he pei-ed me at irc and bm-ed ppl in game. lol...
cloud "hi rebecca!"
rebecca "who are you?"
cloud (me sleepily typing for him) "i'm your sex sch friend..."

its not my fault that "c" and "x" are so close together lor!

anyway. that was fri night.
been down to check out the inter-school dota compies, and managed to get the contacts of the chij gals dota team. *yay* its not easy to get a bunch of gals who are actually INTERESTED in playing dota competitively. skill can be trained up, as long as you are interested. INTEREST is the KEY. whee...

had family dinner on sat night, after which i got sick. so... zz. since then, i havent eaten anything but plants... and more plant juice... and more plants. and i dont think i'll be eating anything til tml.

2 more essays due... then its time to get down to some serious mugging... help me pls... dun jio me out to lan or play match too much. (yar right) actually, staying in hall is a natural inhibitor... cos the connection there is just too lousy. and anyway, playing from my laptop is just... too painful. graphics card lag pwns.

people are growing up so fast... my cousins... church friends...
scary stuff.
i cant believe that i've been alive for so long.

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