Friday, March 31, 2006

[ 31032006 10.36am riding.on~* ]

riding on the high of winning our first ever match together as CaLz.X3M. all i can say is, i love you gals. and this is the reason why we will always be us five. what we build up together, we will not throw away easily. the next matches will not get easier, but i believe we will improve, individually and as a team. (boring - this aint no match review k... commentry, leave to hiro better!)

i'm especially proud of yandao and sher...
yandao : i'm so glad that u took my advice, i'm so glad that you can take what i say in such a good way! we WILL go from strength to strength, just take things step by step. changes are never easy... <3 and thanks so much for the vapourex... somehow the clan room just makes me cough tons... -_-
sher : i know somethings and circumstances aren't/weren't easy... just know that we're always here to give you that bear hug back k! i'm really proud of your last game gal, thank goodness for gab too yeah?

dawn and shan : thanks so much for sticking with us through the match(es) despite having sch and work the next day, and being sick. the commmittment you two put in is something that drives us on. well played gals, this is what makes a team!

the past few days have given me a different impression of the X3M ppl. the leadership is stable and committed. they think through things carefully, and they can handle things well. i wont mention events specifically (unless i'm forced to...), but i'm starting to really respect kel and huahero...
other than that, i find that i can actually connect and talk to the X3M people. mostly. well, at least those that i've talked to. discussions go further than just game analysis... it goes to team management, relationship issues, the community at large, clan issues... it makes me feel... involved. and really, it IS up to the members to involve themselves. their amount of sense of belonging is equivalent to how much of themselves they wanna give. i've only been in the clan for a week or so, but i'm starting to think that this could actually work out long term... =)

of cause, the pain of having to leave rEv0 and KaL... is still there. somewhere. and yes, its real and tangible.

been considering chionging standard games again... too much dota can get to you... but i love the team aspect of dota... i just.. love... it.

sorry for my super straggly update man... i've just gotten past my essay hell week, during which i still had to make time for team training and matches, and organisation and registration. i think i'm gonna have to rethink they way my team is handling things... cos in my busy times i'm not sure if i can manage so much.

to all of you who believe in us, lux cloud eter especially, i thank you, with my hand on my heart.
lux - i will keep my promise to you.

to the skeptics : JUST YOU WAIT AND SEE.

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