Wednesday, October 18, 2006

[ 18102006 11.04pm zion net compie ]

was back a few days ago, big thanks to dawn and bryan, bryan's cousin and dad for the speedy trip back. really helped a big deal!

so... here are the photos, some at least, that i took.
background on the compie : it was held in zion net lanshop, a 24 hr lan shop in klang, that a place roughly 1hr drive away from kuala lumpur. pretty quiet place, from what i saw, at least. famous for its seafood!

pic of the zenith gays, from left, ant, (dotrk aka weelong in background, and 2 random guys i dunno who...) tofuboi in his headsets, musica with a fish (wee! fish!) face, gps who looks like he's on a rollercoaster, and ice who looks like he is day dreaming.

so those are the cool guys, lets move on to something cooler tho...

and that something cooler is... shan! in shades and hat stolen from musica!

yeah, shan was along with me on the trip to. thanks to her for protecting (raping) me in the hotel room and keeping ice out! =p

from the left once again, bryan (dawn's bf), dawn aka pinksheep, kelbro, sitting down we have jb (mi2) with his brown blonde hair, and seduction (mi2) looking kinda shacked out next to him in the corner.

yupz, dawn and bryan, as well as the team manager of mi2 - kelbro, were along too!

here's a pic of GPS, holding the 5k ringgit prize money with the solid glass trophy in the background
all in 50RM notes!

some random funny pic that i took of a packet of banana bread...
presenlty my phone wallpaper... lol.

picture of the lanshop, well lit and cheery, the kind of place that makes u forget time of the day. taken from the very back of the lanshop. this is actually only half its capacity, on the right of the picture, theres another section which is just as large, separated from this arena by a wall.
many many thanks to the organisers, ernest and lau who gave us media tags which allowed us into the gaming area.
not just that, they treated us all to seafood dinner and they even drive us to and fro from locations. talk about GOSU HOSPITALITY!

this was the dinner i was talking about. seafood! musica on the left, ernest (aka tay yan wei i think... i only memorised his hp no... ) and lau in blue looking thoughtful...

another funny sign, this one taken of a list of "prohibited actions" that was pasted onto the lanshop glass wall...
GG or!

dawn took this candid pic, we're all not posing... then she named it "hot babes from klang"
i think she's referring to the hot BABE on the extreme right in grey... LOL!
accidentally caught in the act of owling!

in all, it was a great trip, and i spent so much less than expected cos of the superb generosity from the malaysian hosts!!!!!!
to quote ant, where can u find such organisers who would make so many exceptions for us?!

malaysia ftw!!

congrats to the winners of the compie, zenith in first, cybertime in second and winternight in third place.
mi2, jia you! theres always a better compie!

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