Tuesday, October 24, 2006

[ 24102006 1.14am super shacked out ]

with all the petty nonsense, early mornings and late hours, and the long days.

somehow my tagboard died on me... i think tagboard.com has officially folded. i'm not sure though... pretty sad cos its seen me through since 2003. oh well! move on ftw! so if any of you have anything burning to say, just post it in my latest "buzz" after each post. its my comment tab, in case u suaku's havent realised yet. lol.

anyhow, hope u all had a good laff at the stupid pics. lol...

and... selamat hari rayaaaaaaaaaaaa!
cheers to public holidays!

i meant it all, and every part, and every word right from the start~*

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