Wednesday, December 17, 2008

[ 17122008 9.52am | longetermthought ]

first up, i wanna share Breaking Dawn's soundtrack. or rather, prossible soundtrack, "renesmee's song".
it beats bella's lullaby flat, imo. bella's lullaby had this really creepy note to it.
i have been hearing mixed reviews about twilight, but i think Robert Pattinson, being the face of one of the most perfect guys ever, is either very hated, or very fantasized about.
hated because he doesnt fit the mental pictures of many many readers, and fantasized about, because... because i dont know. i havent watched it yet.
but after watching mass you tube vids and trailers, i think his look grows on you.
wonder how his acting is though. i dont recall him in the harry potter movie. but then again, i've only recently become a fan on harry potter.


next up, i wanna share an epic moment...
not MY epic moment, but close to something that happened to me.
*looks at msjovial


and a great part of my mind is concentrated on how to appear as a hairy looking fish, and how to wiggle out of celebrations to go and appear as a hairy looking fish.

i'm currently in a phase of not wanting to go out. so i'm mass hibernating at home.
yesterday was one of those days where i went home straight, slept immediately, woke up at 2am and played til 5am before going back to sleep.
wake up in the morning feeling weird. but oh well. had a headache. so have to sleep.

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