Thursday, December 18, 2008

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*post very frustrating game which makes me feel like plucking out all my hair...:


i scuttled out for lunch today, to popcorn at esplanade. been a REALLY REALLY long time since i went out for lunch. mass reports ftl.
anyhow, yj, nicole and i went there with one purpose... to see twilight stuff. lots of posters, and ugly postcards... the shirts are quite nice. but well, thats about it. magnets...
nothing that i REALLY want to get. maybe i'll feel differently after actually watching the movie.
SO. there was this one poster. of edward alone. i was considering getting it as a form of investment, cos the shopkeeper said it was selling like hot cakes. so i can keep it and sell it later on... maybe to my grandchildren's classmates. i dunno.
i don't plan to have kids anyway, so i cant end up with descendants.
then we checked out fan art tees.
there are quite a few i find hilariously cute.
one of them showed 2 stick people, the stick woman was yelling at the stick man "SPARKLE, you fool! SPARKLE!"
theres another one, playing on the roles that robert pattinson acted
"so, all avada kedavra did was turn you into a really hot vampire? well done voldy."
yet another
"for the love of God, BITE Me edward!"
damn gg.
i was loling throughout 600 fan art pics. most of which have been turned into underwear, cups, shirts, hoodies..... mousepads.........

so. i was thinking that maybe i think too much.
this isnt the first time i'm wishing i was dumber. less of an analyst.
i'm sure i could be quite content with what i have, what i am if i were just... dumber.
and i dont mean, inability to speak, although that might be really good for the multitudes around me.
but well. i cant stop my mind from wandering... and wandering... and taking all conceiveable paths...
i know i should not entertain some thoughts. but they somehow seep into my consciousness. ok, more than seep. they practically break the floodgates.
damn it.
either make me dumber, or give me insurmountable self control, before i kill a person, which, may be yours truly.


and my current twilight fan art quote.
"boys in books are just better"

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