Monday, February 21, 2011

for the Greater Good

Have you ever wondered why the evil prosper, and why the sly succeed?
And with, apparently, so much ease?
Why are they not brought down by the Truth...
Where is Justice.

I wonder. Often.

Not that I'm perfect and all-deserving. But sometimes, just... Sometimes... I think I'm entitled to feel that things are just not fair.

Then again, the people who are willing to do anything it takes to succeed (success, being subjective, of course), are probably going to be the most driven, who are going to make the most impact.
Does it matter that not everyone knows the true story behind things?

Let me introduce you to chapter 1 of Full Metal Alchemist where the messenger of the sun god Leto, scams an entire town. They all believe that he can perform miracles, when he's actually just using alchemy.
Edward and Al expose him to the town, and everything falls apart.
Because to the people of the town, the priest represented hope, future, advancement.
Without him, there is nothing to work for, there's only immediate disappointment (I say "immediate" because they are willing to live with "delayed" disappointment aka dashed hope), their lives are stagnant.
The priest is disposed of, but when an imposter returns, and the town turns readily back to him. They are too eager to believe in all his lies because they rather be led on than be left aimless.
Which is why this situation is leaving me torn between two viewpoints.
One being the fact that it really sucks because I know the truth behind it all.
And Two being that it represents hope. And potential advancement. No matter how small.


I realised that my title echoes one of the themes in Harry Potter - the Deathly Hallows.
How apt.

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