Saturday, February 26, 2011


i've always been very fascinated with all those hot OLs... i have no idea how they manage to keep up their morning routine of doing their hair, makeup, selecting an outfit, and then trotting all the way to work in their heels.
to a certain extent, i admire them. if for nothing else other than their perseverance and high threshold for pain.
or do their heels not hurt?
all my attempts to dress up in the morning for work, end within a week. tops.
maybe it has something to do with the amount of sleep i get daily? i realise i hate mornings. immensely. so i wake up at the latest possible time, which obviously doesnt allow me to take more than a luxurious morning stretch.
/shrugz. i'll still try i guess. there's no point in shopping for clothes, if you never use them.

this comes to mind after a week of being told that i look like a kok on the LoL poster.
if i were to compare that poster, with how i look at work - in slippers, shorts and an oversized jacket which looks like a nightdress... hmm... unbrushed hair and dark eyerings - i'd say the poster looks better.
also, people tell me about it, like i can help it. i can't help it if i look that way, i can't help it if its published, i can't help it if i'm chosen for the shoot, and i'm obliging enough to turn up. =p
at least its left some sort of impact.
can you say that about YOURSELVES?
and no, before you get all happy about deserving a dedicated post from me, this isnt dedicated to any particular comment that i've gotten. its more of a reflection on the feedback about the offending poster that i've received in the past week or so.

as an aside, i could very well spend alot of time editing all my photos so that you only get to see the very best of me, or taking photos only when i'm nicely made up and dressed. but thats too tiresome, and so... unreal.
i wouldnt say i love the way i look, or that i think i look good.
but i can say i'm 90% comfortable with the way i look.
if i could though, i'd go for eyelid surgery to even out my lids so that i look less kok-eyed.
but in the meantime, i look like that. i photograph this way.
this is ME, and i have people who love me the way i am.
/happy grin!

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