Monday, October 25, 2004

[ 25102004 2.57pm | sun after the rain ]

literally, and figuratively. after pouring for the last few days, some sunlight is filtering through the clouds and heating up my tiny room.
i can't say i'm happy about that.

but i am happy about my present work load. at least i only have 4 essays due now. and only 2 that i have to write from scratch. actually, one's in jap, which aint that bad...

oh well. so much about work.

was thinking about it... have you ever hung up the phone on someone?
probably... yes, right?
but have you slammed down the phone on anyone?

in this age of mobile phones... slamming down phones is no longer possible... especially not when most people carry $300+ phones around... (hurhur)
plus, most home phones nowadays are the press button to hang up type. so there really aint such a thing as slamming down a phone on someone. [pls, no corny comments about how you can physically injure someone with a phone...]
even if you're really angry and you want to make a statement by hanging up noisily, the most a phone nowadays can muster is a soft beep.

anyway, back to work. expect lots of entries from me cos its exam time... and i'm stuck in hall trying to focus. (yeah right... with LAN internet...)

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