Thursday, October 28, 2004

[ 28102004 5.46pm | taking a break ]

yup, a short break from the essays. i still have a few hundred words to go. -_-
pondering... does it sound weird to say that i like birds?
many find that a really strange choice cos they find birds impersonal and... well... un-cuddly. i'd like to dispell that myth. if you ever have a chance to obtain a baby budgerigar (budgie), one so young that you have to hand feed it mush, you'd realise that birds can be extremely endearing. if they're imprinted on you... ok. let me define imprinting first. when animals are young, it looks to its parents to learn what it's kind looks like. cos it cant see itself. hence, it will start to believe that you are one of its kind, and treat you likewise, ie, with jealousy, with love etc.
ok. so, if u get an imprinted budgie, you would definitely change your mind about birds being impersonal and un-cuddly.
my own budgie (she expired a while ago... to my grief...) was delightful. she would roll over on her back and kick around... she would snuggle under my hand when it was resting idly on the table... she would run to stand on my foot when she was on the floor and wanted to be picked up... she would nibble at my earrings and ears as she sat on my shoulder... sometimes preening my hair for me... she would let me stuff her head into my mouth as i pretended to eat her... she would let me stroke and preen her head with my fingers... she used to have the free run of my house... run, because her wings were clipped. a preventive measure in case something startled her and she flew off in a fright and lost her way...

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